EmbraceEmbarkEvolve book cover

Inspirations, Guidance, and Humor to help you fight through your cancer journey!


You have cancer.


Upon hearing the news you are like a deer in headlights. Pause, breathe, and EMBRACE the news. You, family, and friends will need a starting point; my book EmbraceEmbarkEvolve is a collection of inspirations, guidance, and humor to help you fight through your cancer journey.


The body is a magnificent machine.


Don't waste time asking why or how you got cancer. It's here. Time to EMBARK on the journey; such as building your medical team, deciding on your course of treatment, choosing what type of surgery, and opening up to receiving help.


I refer to this period as "coming off the ledge."


Now as a cancer survivor, it’s time to live life again! There will be some bumps in the road and time needed for recovery. This is your time to shine, EVOLVE, as you have made it through!