My Journey

September 11, 2012, I was due to receive the news if I had breast cancer or not, I figured that date carried enough bad memories, so I pushed back my appointment till September 12, 2012. I had an inclination something was up; the 10 months prior I was ill with any bug that flew by me, but when the doctor came into the room to deliver the news I had breast cancer, I became the deer in headlights! For the next hour I looked forward, listening to the doctor and nurse navigator turn into Charlie Browns teacher ...Wha...WhaWha as my mother sat to the right of me holding my hand softly crying.

The moment I hit fresh air, I sat down on a bench and phoned a family friend; a world renowned doctor in the field of myeloma and bone cancer–my forty-five second superhero! He helped me choose my guru cancer surgeon, as it was truly time to EMBRACE the news, I had cancer.

I only told 11 people, including my children and parents, I had cancer. I thought I would have surgery and be back to life in 3 weeks. Boy did I get my butt handed to me, as I would learn one week before Christmas I would need chemo. As a single mother of two teens and in order not to wear out my parents; I knew it was time to open up to letting others help me. It was truly time to EMBARK on the journey: surgery, radiation, chemo...oh my!

Surprisingly, the most difficult phase for me, was after I completed all my treatments. The circus has packed up and left town; I have no where to go and everyone slowly disappeared. There are aftershocks; scares, tests and setbacks, it has taken over a year for me to feel one hundred percent, which is more like ninety-two percent. But during this time something beautiful also is happening; I don't worry so much, I don't fill my life up with unnecessary activities, I realized my life is truly a gift, I am slamming my iPad shut right this moment and going to get a scoop of ice-cream, I am EVOLVING!