Celebrate With Me, Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

AWARENESS- Definition: The state or condition of being aware; having knowledge; consciousness. Dictionary.com  www.dictionary.com

It's October; Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I am tickled pink! Everywhere I look there is pink; large pink ribbons wrapped around trees, a pink water fountain, pink terracotta horses, football players sporting pink, strands of pink bras, signs telling you to "think Pink"!!! I have a huge smile on my face and my heart sings as I inhale all of this pink, its as though the world is applauding me for making it through breast cancer! I hope all you survivors are feeling the pink too!

All this pink is also meant to be; tremendous encouragement for all of you fighting breast cancer right this very moment, to bring about an awareness to get your mammograms- early detection is the way out, and it is a reminder to us all to get involved, as cancer unfortunately touches all of our lives. A shout out to all of you men afflicted by breast cancer too.

To all the doctors, nurses, pathology departments, and medical staff this pink is for you too! For it is all of you that slay the cancer dragons daily so we may live! Thank you!!!

I will proudly wear something pink everyday of October to celebrate my own survival along with all who have survived breast cancer. Also to honor those who are in the midst of their cancer battle; you are loved, you are needed...EmbraceEmbarkEvolve!