With All The Pink Awarness Around Us, How Can One Help Support Breast Cancer?

SUPPORT- Definition: To bear the weight of , especially from below; keep from falling, sinking, or slipping. The Free Dictionary www.thefreedictionary.com

How can one be supportive during breast cancer awarness month, let me count the ways! 

  1. Get your exams; both women and men! 
  2. Wear something pink everyday in October, it a very positive shout out to breast cancer suriviors and patients!
  3. Make a donation!  American Cancer Society is an excellent charity, providing tremendous support to cancer patients and their families!
  4. Take part in a fund rasising event; walk, bike ride, bake sale, or lemonade stand!
  5. Purchase a pink wrist band or pin with proceeds going to your favorite breast cancer charity.
  6. Go volunteer at your local cancer support community center; one time or many. You might just be surprise what these cancer fighters can do for you!
  7. Make a meal for someone you know who is fighting breast cancer!
  8. Be a mentor to a child or teen who's parent is fighting cancer!
  9. Take the dog of someone fighting cancer on a walk as often as you can, especially with other dogs. If you don't think that dogs knows something is wrong, guess again. You will be giving  them a break, much needed exercise, and socializing!
  10. Send a card, letter or email to someone batteling breast cancer; it's uplifting and a little coaks to keep fighting!

Together we can support those going through breast cancer and aid in the quest to find a cure!!!