September 12th, the Date I Learned I Had Cancer; A Day I Commemorate

COMMEMORATE- Defintion: To call to remembrance, to mark by some ceremony or observation. Merriam-Webster

Septmember 12 is a very strange yet special day for me, as it is my anniversary date of when I learned I had breast cancer. It's a day I quietly commemorate, often in solitude while experiancing a mixture of emotions. I am tremendously grateful that I made it through cancer and yet there is a black cloud over this day as my life has forever been changed.

No one chooses to have cancer, I say cancer choses us. Therefore when I learned I had cancer,  I did not waste time asking how or why I got cancer? Thought I should leave that question for the doctors. I became like a horse with blinders on, embarking on the path striaght ahead. I was terrified of going down that path, as I knew it was full of landminds; treatments.  But I was determined to fight with all my might to make it through. One must go throught to get out. 

Three years later to the day, I am so honored and thankful to say I made it out! I want to do a little dance around my house, but at the same time I have loved one's and friends who did not make it through. So this day becomes a day of gratitude, rememberence, and reflection. Everyone of us who has made it through cancer has war wounds from the battle we fought; aches and pains, side effects, and a body that will never be one hundred percent. I have now learned these inconviences are the price we must pay for making it through cancer, a price I gladly pay!