Dating After Cancer!

DATING- Definition: A social or romanitic appointment or engagement. Oxford Dictionary

It's time to break out the humor and a little Judy Blume;  Are You There God? It's Me Margaret! For those of you who do not know this book, it was written in 1970 and every preteen girl in Amercia was reading this book, in which Judy Blume covered any issue a teen girl maybe experiencing. Let me just say if you don't know this book, men too- because your sister was reading it, that means you are way younger than are way too young to be afflicted by this danm cancer!  I would give my right arm for Judy Blume to give me some sound advice on how to date after cancer.

I am about to embark on a date with a gentleman who has no idea I have gone through cancer. I find myself excited, nervous, with butterflies in my stomach, not over the man but by the fact I don't know when or how to tell him I had breast cancer. Remember I was also pushed into early menapause from chemo, so do you think he will be upset that at 50 I can't have children? Just keeping it humorous! Its refreshing to feel like a normal woman, going on a date, leaving cancer behind...well almost. 

My doctors did an excellent job of putting Humpty Dumpty back together again, my hair is the longest its been in years, my body is strong, my heart is open, and I am done with cancer! So what is all this noise in my head?

The hell with cancer, I am going to go on that date with my head held high, a smile on my face, and pride in my heart that I am a cancer survivor! Maybe with a little luck God and Judy Blume will be at the next table over!