Grateful with Cancer!

GRATEFUL- Defintion: Feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received. Oxford Dictionary

I went to get a newspaper at my local gas station, I asked the sales person how she was? She replied, "grateful". With a warm heart and a big smile on my face I told her to have a nice day. That was the most awesome reply I have ever recieved to a questions I have asked thousands of people through out my life. 

Having made it though my cancer journey, each morning I lay quietly in bed to thank God for another bonus day here on earth, then I plant my feet on the ground and begin my day. Today is Thanksgiving, for many of you in the midst of your cancer battle it may be difficult to feel gratitude, please keep your chin up and keep batttling!

Please know that those around you are most thankful today for you; your will power to fight, your courage to take part in this holiday, and the kind reminder that you represent; that on this special day we all should be most grateful for our lives! 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!