Cancer And The Holidays, Not A Good Mix!

HOLIDAY- Definition: A day marked by general suspension of work in commenmoration of an event. Merriam-Webster

I was informed the week before Christmas that I would need to undergo chemo treatment, needless to say the holidays were not festive. In fact anger was an unwelcome guest at our Christmas dinner. If you are in the midst of your treatment or soon will be receiving treatment and are having trouble getting into the holiday spirit, I suguest you be honest with your family and friends telling them the truth of your feelings.

It is difficult to celebrate any holiday, usually involving loads of food, when you are fearful, sick, and tired. Try to recognize your limits. Explain your lack of holiday cheer: aversions to food right now, no energy to mingle, and that you might just be in an angry state trying to fake that all is great when it's not. If they still don't get it tell your family and friends to picture you as pregnant in your ninth month. You men can do this too! No one expects a woman in this state to do anything, except take part from the living room couch.

I rang in the New Year knowing it was going to be a bad year, really bad year! I was due to start chemo on January 3rd: the upside was I figured the last half of the year would have to be far better than the first half! Please try to allow yourself a peaceful moment during the holiday season, hopefully in that moment a brightness may shine upon you filling your heart with a little joy.