Santa And Cancer, Do You Believe?

BELIEVE- Definition: to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so.

As a child Santa was the conduit for bring me a physcial wish. Meaning my wish would show up Christmas morning as a 3-D package. As I write its Christmas Eve soon to be Christmas, after cancer there is not much I wish for in life. For all of you in the midst of your cancer battle I can't help but wonder if you are secretly wishing for Santa to make your wish come true. A wish that will not show up tomorrow morning in 3-D, but as good news on a test result, great news that you are cancer free or on your way to a positive recovery.

You are never too old to believe in Santa or some mistical charter representing your faith to grant you a wish tonight or any night for that matter. In fact during my cancer journey there were moments in which I recieved encouragement from someone I could only summerize as an angel; coming to bestow good luck . These encounters brought  belief that I would make it through my cancer battle; giving me the strength to fight on.

So tonight I inspirer you to revert back to your childhood; and with all the your excitment, joy, and belief wish upon Santa to bring you one big gift: the gift of being cancer free!!!