Cancer Overlap; 2015 to 2016!

OVERLAP- Definition: to happen at the same time as something else. Merriam-Webster

Minutes away from the new year, I am frantically writing. I am keenly aware that I will overlap from 2015 to 2016 as I write this blog. Guess"s a good thing. Not everything in life begins with a clean slate; especially year to year. Like many of you my cancer spilled over into the new year. In fact, I was in a living purgarory, as my surgery was completeted and I awaited chemo treatments to be adminstered in the new year. You know that fear, the fear of doing nothing as you are forced to wait.

Every year, for many years, I have written down my yearly goals for the upcoming year on New Years Eve. Yes, I just wrote down my goals before starting this blog. The new year is about to ring in so I am going to pause.. I am back, Happy New Year!!! In this moment the beauty lies in the fact that you are celebrating, ok maybe not celbrating- partaking in the shifting of the hands of time from 2015 to 2016.

Here are my goals for 2016; Embrace you are here, Embark on helping others, Evolve into someone a little better. Happy 2016!