Is Your Flag at Half Mass Due to Cancer?

HALF-MAST Definition: A flag flying below the summit on a pole. In many countries this is seen as a symbol of respect, morning, or distress. Wikipedia

Lately as I leave my dwelling to enter the world I am keenly aware of the fact that our flag seems to be at half-mass more often then fully raised (?) My initial thought is grave sadness, as we all feel when we see our flag half way up the pole, clining close. At that same very moment I also feel pride, as I know during these (difficult) times we as a nation stand, we stand erect.

For those of us fighting cancer it is much the same; although your flag might be at half-mass your will to live is not, we know we must soldier on! We fight: for our children, loved ones, friends, and for those whom have not made it through their own battle with cancer. 

Through your aches and pains, fears, frustrations, (anxists)  let your flag unfurl, stand erect for your life, and fight with all your might! It is time to (perserver!