Embracing You Have Cancer

EMBRACE- Definition: Accept or support (a brief, theory, or change) willingly and enthusiastically. Oxford Dictionary: www.oxforddictionaries.com

You have just been told you have cancer! Your like a deer in head lights. Take a big gulp of air, breathe, pause for a few minutes acknowledging the fear. It is going to take some time, a few weeks at lease to wrap your head around the news you have cancer.

I felt as though I was riding along on my bike of life, suddenly someone stuck a metal pole into my spokes and I instantly came to a grinding halt, as I flipped up over the handle bars there I remained suspended in midair for weeks.

A journal entry on how I was feeling during those first few weeks of learning I had cancer, "Fear...tremendous fear...nonstop fear...fear that makes your heart pound so hard you think it will burst. Fear that makes your stomach flip nonstop; fear that seeps from your soul out your eyes."

As a little time passes you know you have no other choice but to get on that anxiety inducing roller coaster ride and begin making a plan; building your medical team, and choose a course of treatment. I promise as you begin to layout a plan of action, the fear will begin to ease up. You are embracing you have cancer, although it may never be willingly or with enthusiasm!