A Shift In Life, Due To Cancer

SHIFT- Definition: A change in something or an adjustment in the way something is done. Vocabulary.com: www.vocabulary.com

You were in the middle of living your super hectic life: commuting to work, projects, meetings, emails, ten hour days, travel, raising children, chauffeuring kids, attending actives, volunteering at school, the dog, gym, meals, holidays. You barely had time for yourself!

Upon being told you have cancer life suddenly shifts; all that consumes your days and nights dissipates in a flash! It's as though you are in your own little capsule, like when George Jetson slammed closed the windshield of his high-tech car and flew off into space; hermetically sealed floating out there all alone.

As a child, each time I watched Geoge Jetson shoot out into the atmosphere, my heart would stop as I thought, is he going to fall out of space? He never did, neither will you! The immediate necessity to attend to your health will shift your schedule from taking care of life to taking care of yourself; attending numerous doctors appointments, lab work, and tests all to lead into a course of treatment. Over time you will open your protective capsule, realizing your drive to make it through cancer is allowing you to say no to all the little things that were filling up your schedule. A kind of gift for having to go through cancer.