Building Your Cancer Medical Team

TEAM- Definition: A group of persons who work or play together. Merriam-Webster: 

As you begin to build your medical team, you will start to feel more sure footed. When I was building my team, the most important criteria for me was that my doctors were willing to communicate with one another, hence making decisions about my course of treatment as a team. I had five doctors working together as a unified front; oncologist, cancer surgeon, reconstructive surgeon, radiologist, and pathologist. 

After all my biopsies I was cleared to see my cancer surgeon, this magnificent doctor coordinated my entire dream team! While I was in the examining room, he went to his office and phone an oncologist to see if he was willing to be part of my team. Together they made the decision for me to have surgery and radiation, then tests would be run to see if I needed chemo by yet another doctor they would bring on the team! During that same appointment, my cancer surgeon also reached out to my radiologist and reconstructive surgeon, we had my all-star team in place!

I walked into my cancer surgeon's office that day feeling scared, out of sorts, and at a loss what to do; I walked out with a light heart and feeling reassured, as I now had a very competent team, a course of treatment, and a plan of action. My dream team and I were now fighting my cancer!