Fist-bump, do it!

FIST-BUMP- Definition: a gesture in which two people bump their fists together (as in greeting or celebration). Merriam-Webster:

As a single mother going through cancer treatments, I would drop my sixteen year old son off at school every morning. He started a morning routine of us doing a fist-bump while yelling "fight it" as he jumped out of the car running into school. This was my inspiration to begin each day with the determination to fight cancer!

While home alone there were mini fist-bumps that encouraged me to make it through my day; a funny card received in the mail, a phone call from my daughter away at college, a dinner prepared and delivered by friends. Each one of these acts of kindness were an important factor aiding me in my fight.

Growing peaked from chemo treatments I rarely went out, as it took every ounce of courage, energy, and strength I had to leave my home. When I did go out into the world those mini fist-bumps I encountered turned into gigantic boosts; the check out fellow loading my groceries into the car, someone holding my door open, and strangers sharing kind words of encouragement. 

It is my hope you physically begin doing daily fist-bumps with those around you, especially your children, as it is uplifting for both of you. Be aware of the many fist-bumps you are receiving though out your day...inhale them, as they are the best medicine in your fight against cancer!