Becoming a Member of "The Club", Cancer

CLUB- Definition: A group of people organized for a common purpose, especially a group that meets regularly. The Free Dictionary:

So you have recently been inducted into 'The Club", The Cancer Club! It's not a club any of us choose to join, but the sooner you embrace it the sooner you can get on with life. Yes, I recognize life will be greatly different now, but you just might be surprised at the wonders along the way!

The very week I was told I had breast cancer I mustered the physical and mental strength to attend a cancer support meeting. I must admit I am very private, so the thought of siting in a room, with a group of strangers, sharing my fears did not sound very appealing. But I went! There I was at "The Club", paralyzed with fear, full of questions not able to bring myself to ask, in a kind of haze, in denial that I belonged in this club.

During the support meeting, it  was not long before we were all laughing, crying, and sharing our journeys. A fond moment; one of the woman shared she was so angry that she had cancer, she kept a peach pie in the trunk of her car. As a wave of anger came over her she would stop and take a bite of that peach pie, a screw cancer bite! Over the next months I was able to open up freely with the women of my support group; asking any questions I needed answered, sharing emotions I could not with anyone else, gaining courage from each one of these women. If they could make it through, so could I.

When you think of the word club, I think of a group of people gathered together at a specific setting for a particular shared interest, repeatedly, having the time of their life: Country Club, Soccer Club, Night Club. I came into "The Cancer Club" kicking and screaming, I now stand before you as a proud and thankful member, living life as I never have before!