What is Your Cancer Goal?

GOAL- Definition: The object toward which an endeavor is directed; an end. Macmillan Dictionary www.macmillandictionary.com

You may have never given it a thought to set a cancer goal for yourself, but setting goals pushes us, holds us accountable, and gets us over the finish line. Eighty-seven, that was my goal! I believe in actually writing goals down in order to make them happen, so the week they informed me I had cancer I drew a large 87 in my journal! I was forty-seven when I learned I had cancer, and I thought to myself I am living till I am eighty-seven! 

Your cancer goal does not have to be a long-term goal, it can be a goal for the day, week, or month. Maybe it's about keeping a positive attitude, continuing to exercise, going to weekly support meetings. When I was going through chemo, my daily goal was to get up and fix my bed. Yep, can you believe it, that was my simple little goal! But you know what, that goal set my attitude for the day, got the wheels turning, and I believe brought about a better overall outcome during my treatments.

By me setting and actually doing this simple daily goal, I began my day forcing myself to get out of bed, and doing some form of exercise while making the bed. I would try to not go back to bed until night time, as I realized this helped with my sleeping schedule. There were those days I needed a nap, so I would crawl back into bed, but guess what....more exercise as I made the bed once again.  A shout out to all of you going through chemo or radiation right now, the mere thought of exercise may sound like an impossibility, do what you can!

During chemo I had hit an all time low; no energy, down and out, and looking like one notch off of death. I was hell bent on cooking dinner for my son and me; pork chops stuffed with pineapple and a jalapeno pepper. I had all the ingredients but the darn pepper, so with all the determination I could muster, I set a goal to walk to the grocery store. At a snails pace and horrifying everyone at the store, I made it! That pork chop was the best I ever had!