Organizing Your Cancer!

ORGANIZE- Definition: To put in order; arrange in an orderly way. The Free Dictionary

I am sure you find it strange, me recommending that you organizing your cancer. What I actually mean by this statement; to physically organize all documentation that has to do with your cancer. It is super useful to get a two inch binder, insert dividers labeled; doctors, diagnosis, tests, labs, treatments,  medications. Also insert a calendar large enough to write all your appointments on. I know what some of you may be thinking right now, I put everything into my phone. That's fine, except there were many times my doctor or medical staff need test results or information on my case and I had quick access right at my finger tips. 

My big pink binder covered with pictures of my family and dear friends was a kind reminder of how much I was loved and how much I was needed. I would take my "pink bible" on every appointment, logging in my next appointment, upcoming tests, treatments, and lab work. I also would file any documents/results given to me while at the doctors office or testing centers. Not only did my binder keep my cancer organized it kept everything relating to cancer in one spot in my home. I could put my binder away in the closet and be done with cancer for the day.

Those of you going through treatment currently, are saying to yourselves how about all those medical bills coming in? I purchased an accordion file folder, labeled dividers; unpaid medical bills, pending medical bills, EOB-explanation of benefits, and paid bills. I must admit the paid bills sections was often the thinnest file! You know all those friends asking you what they can do for you, well your friend who's in finance or accounting would be a perfect one to help you keep track of your medical bills. God knows my friend and insurance agent keep me sane by helping me every few weeks review my bills! We were like Lucy and Ethel sifting through all those medical bills, but I always was grateful that we were staying on top of everything and my cancer was organized!