Being Grateful For All That You Have, Even With Cancer!

RENT- Defintion: Profit or return derived from any differential advantage in production.

Mariam Wright Edelman, "Service is the rent we pay for being". Unfortunalily many of us live unaware of this, lost in what we don't have instead of what we do have, formost our health and life itself. This week I been praying: for a 10 year old child who was diagnosised with advanced brain cancer, my dear friend who under went cancer surgery, and for a non-profit group  comprised of U.S. pre-med students and a medical care team who's bus slide over a hillside in Central America, killing 3 and injuring others. Feeling helpless and at a loss what to do, I got quiet this week. I began each morning holding my grandmother's very old rosery; praying for all of these people in need, and giving thanks for my little life.

During these difficult times all one can do is service. My friend arrived home from M.D. Anderson, so I jumped in the car and made him a big old pot of Jewish penicillin; chicken soup! I think it did us both good as we both slurrped down a hot cup of soup fresh off the stove! He shared with me at that huge facility, M.D. Anderson, there are some very sick people. Even for those who are afflicted with illness can too serve. As he is peacefully sleeping on the couch, I am contently writing this blog. I have to share a secret with you, I often wonder if anyone really reads my blog, I write on in hopes that I may help at least one person..I am serving.

Life can be painful, hurtful, and empty at times; yet beautiful, fullfilling, and the ulitmate gift. Please don't forget to pay your rent!